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A comment service that will delight your users and developers.

At 10.6 kB with no dependencies, it's the fastest live comment service around.

FastComments prioritizes speed and user experience above all else. It doesn't spy on you or your users and has the features you care about.

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Actually I'm very thankful for this platform. We needed to move away from disqus because it was just getting to be so bloated it was affecting our page speed. FastComments has been just that.

FastComments works well for almost anything you can think of embedding comments on including blogs, landing pages, news sites, and product pages.

Get all the features. It's not an option.

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In addition to the above, the FastComments commenting system has:

Solutions for Enterprise

Stuck with vendor lock-in? We can help! FastComments provides migration support from:
You may read about these features in more depth on our blog.